Rona Mackay welcomes above average East Dunbartonshire school leavers figures

Rona Mackay welcomes above average East Dunbartonshire school leavers figures

Rona Mackay MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden
Rona Mackay MSP

A TOTAL of 95 per cent of school leavers in East Dunbartonshire are heading to positive destinations.

Some 1,303 young people left school this year to go to university, college, training or employment.

The number going into positive destinations is above the national average of 92 per cent.

Of all leavers, 58.3 per cent went into higher education; 14 per cent further education; 1.6 per cent training and 20.7 per cent to employment.

Rona Mackay MSP said: “It’s excellent news that 95 per cent of young people in East Dunbartonshire are going onto a positive destination after leaving school, with most going into higher education.

“With record numbers of young people across Scotland in positive destinations, young people in my constituency have exceeded the national average.

“While these figures are hugely encouraging, there is more to do. The SNP has put improving attainment at schools at the heart of our plans for government and closing the attainment gap between young people from our most and least deprived areas is our priority over the next five years.”

Only 3.8 per cent of young people were seeking work and 0.4 per cent unemployed anD not seeking. A total of 0.8 per cent’s destinations were unknown.

Notes to reporter:

June’s publication ‘Summary statistics for attainment, leaver destinations and healthy living, No.6: 2016 Edition’ shows:

* The proportion of school leavers in sustained positive destinations in March 2016 i

ncreased to 92 per cent from 91.7 per cent in March 2015 – a record high.

* The percentage of school leavers attaining a qualification at SCQF 6 or 7 (Higher level or above) increased from 58.1 per cent for 2013/14 to 60.2 per cent for 2014/15.

* 81.7 per cent of P1-3 pupils took a free meal in 2016 – compared with 78.9 per cent the previous year.

* 98 per cent of schools are meeting the target level of PE provision – which remains unchanged.

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